How much does it cost to submit my film? 
It depends on when you submit. The earlier you submit your film, the less the lower the submission fee.

I thought submitting to HorrorQuest was free?

Yes, that use to be true. For six years HorrorQuest strived to keep submissions free to filmmakers, however due to the rising cost of keeping the festival going, we had to institute a submission fee. While HorrorQuest is no longer, "free to submit" it is still free to attend. We are offering submission waivers under the following circumstances...

1: You have had a film screen at HorrorQuest during the last two festival seasons.

2: You have previously won an HorrorQuest award (Best of Quest, Best FX's, ETC).

3: You are a local filmmaker (Atlanta, Georgia area).

4: You are a student currently enrolled in a film studies program. 

   (Proof of currently enrollment is required)

How are submission fees used?

100% of all submissions fees go to running and growing the festival. HorrorQuest is a labor of love, for those who run it and everyone involved volunteers their time, no one gets paid. All funds go to marketing the festival, running local ads and the BIG one, renting theater space to screen submitted films.

Can I submit online?
Yes you can! After many years of being asked to accept online submission we have decided to accept online submissions via Film Freeway. You can find all submission information on the "SUBMIT" page.

Can I submit more than one film?
Yes you can... However, each film must be submitted separately. Each online submission will be subject to a submission fee.

I missed the deadline date, can I still submit my film?

Sorry, the answer will always be no, no exceptions. Allowing a filmmaker to submit their film after the submission period has ended would not be fair to the other filmmakers who submitted their films on time. Those that have missed the deadline date will have to wait until the next call for submissions.

Can I order advanced tickets or VIP passes?
No, as a rule HorrorQuest is first come first, first serve! If your film is selected and you wish to attend the screening we suggest you arrive at the theater early to make sure you get a seat.

Can I submit a "Fan Film"?
No, unless you have documented permission from the copyright holder... There are some excellent "Fan Films" out there but we feel HorrorQuest is not the place for them. You may enter a parody film. But anything using copyrighted material, you do not own, should not be submitted.

Can I submit a film that uses copyrighted music?
No... Please do not submit a film that uses music, Unless you have documented permission from the copyright holder.

If my film is selected will HorrorQuest pay for my travel and accommodations?
No... If your film is selected it is up to you to pay for your travel expenses.

Can I sell merch or copies of my film at HorrorQuest?
Currently the answer is no... However, we are working with our host theater to provide a space for filmmakers to sell merchandise.

Will my submitted film be returned to me?
Starting during the 2017 HorrorQuest season, HorrorQuest online excepts submissions online, via FilmFreeway.

Can I send a poster, press kit or pictures if my film is selected?
By all means... Anything you send will be used in the promotion of your film and of HorrorQuest. But remember, anything that you send will not be returned

My movie has already played at another festival, can I still submit it to HorrorQuest?
Yes you may... However, We do prefer submissions that have not previously screened in the Atlanta area before. However, we will bend on this in some circumstances.

How do I know HorrorQuest received my film?
HorrorQuest only excepts submissions online, via Film Freeway. It is safe, easy and there is no chance of submissions getting lost in the mail or stolen. 

Do I win anything If I get selected?
If selected your film will screen as part of the festival lineup. HorrorQuest does not award prizes, however, HorrorQuest is competitive. Films that are selected will be judged on a number of criteria by the selection committee and awards will be given out in the following categories.

BestOfQuest: Best Feature Film.
Best Short Film.
Best Special Effects.
Best Cinematography.
Best Actor
Best Actress.
Best Kill.

How much does it cost to attend HorrorQuest?
HorrorQuest is FREE and open to the public. Which means all you will have to do is walk in... As a rule HorrorQuest operates on an, "first-come, first-served" basis. If you want to attend a screening be sure to arrive early.

How many films may I attend?
HorrorQuest is free, we hope you will see as many as you can!

Can anyone sponsor HorrorQuest?
Sure, If you or your company would like to sponsor HorrorQuest please contact the, "Festival Director" Via the CONTACT page.